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21 days till Christmas

Today I made one of many more to come headbands for Amy! She only has pink and needs a bigger variety and larger bows since she is getting so big. I had a friends ask how I make them, so here is the tutorial:
                                                        All you need is stretchy fabric, ribbon of your choice, thread, needle andscissors. (I did use my machine to speed things up a bit). This bolt of fabric was FIVE DOLLARS at Wal-mart one day, so I got 2 bolts; white and pink.

Cut a piece of the fabric to measure 1/2 larger than size of head to fit
zig zag stitch together

fold under both sides into wrong side of band to cover seam

baste stitch to gather

wrap thread around and secure with a stitch and knot it.

sew on bow or flower and Voila!
pictures of Amy wearing it to come :)

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