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24 days of Christmas

I decided I wanted to make more of my gifts for giving this year since I tend to get lazy and just buy everything. I'm hoping this will keep me: a) within the budget my husband & I set for gift giving  b) accomplishing things that have been needing to be accomplished for quite some time c) make gift giving this year a little more meaningful to me, since it typically means more to both the giver and reciever when you put yourself into what you give. AND d) allowing me to enjoy this season that much more through the fun of doing these things. For the listed reasons, my "24 days of Christmas Crafts" came to be.

My hope in sharing this, is that what I'm doing will inspire and get you excited about this season as well as your giving me ideas of your own!

*Note: Some of these crafts/gifts will have tutorials (or at least a link to one) some of them won't. None of these things are meant to be stressful and frenzied.

Even though I am posting the first one a day late, I did do it Dec. 1st. It was just way late by the time I decided to go to bed and I just didn't feel like I had the stamina to do a post that late.  So here's my 24 days till Christmas craft
                                                                      Flower Pin

                                                Sorry about the was late and I'm having trouble with the lighting on my camera, but here is a tutorial. I always wondered how to make these myself:

Make a flower pattern and cut out six

                                         overlap flowers so that they make a swirl affect and pin into position
Sitch a large basting stitch in a circle in the center

\Pull so flower gathers on underside. Wrap thread around several time and stitch into position

  Tack on a pin, voila! 
 what took the most time for this one, was cutting out the flower
Total time: approx. 1/2 hour
Ideas for gift giving:
Wouldn't these be great gifts?

Remember to fluff your flowers. I did that after I took these pix (unfortunately!).

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I really like these and I think my sister would LOVE them. I'll have to make them. Did you use a knit fabric?


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