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"tap skirt"

Last weekend a friend of mine had a yard sale and we found these tap shoes for Alyssa (our 2y.o.) for only $2! (if you don't think this is a good find, please don't burst my bubble...)
I was super excited because when I was a little girl, I wanted tap shoes so bad that I actually took the taps off a pair that didn't fit me and converted my church shoes into tap shoes with them. I never did get lessons, although I'de always wanted them. It didn't matter though, I wore those things around whenever I could and pretended I was a professional tap dancer.

 So once we got all our great finds home and Alyssa was prancing around in these I decided two things needed to be done. First, she needed a tap skirt.

Since I had this $5 bolt sitting around my craft closet for "some day this may come in handy", I decided this was that some day and got to work. I can't even begin to tell you how easy it is to make a skirt for a little girl! Take a 1/2-3/4 yds. fabric of choice, sew a hem on the bottom and a casing on the top for an elastic band. Sew another seam 1/4" from the top and sew opening closed on open edge. Thread measured elastic, and sew casing closed.
Seriously--simple as that. Under 45min. tops!
 I don't like long projects. The majority of the time spent on this project is what I consider the fun part...
cutsifying it!:
The second thing I decided those tap shoes needed, were a couple lengths of ribbon:
                        Alyssa is in Tappers heaven. And I'm satisfied with how well they turned out.
          What do ya think? Alyssa's Lovin' em! ;)
           Thanks for lettin' me share with ya!
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  1. Darling! She is one lucky girl!

  2. are the BEST mommy ever, Michele! :)

    xoxo laurie


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