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Each time a girl gets baptized in our family, they get a special bracelet as a comemorative of their important day. This is the one I made for my niece:
I love to add special elements to these important event bracelets. A personal love of mine is Thai silver. So for these I add a lovely heart dangle as a symbol of love:
These hearts have a way of adding charm, beauty, and simplicity as the same time. Combined with crystal. Just beautiful:
As of yet, these are not offered in my boutique, but I am offering them to you as a special order (which I don't usually do either). So for only $20-$25 (depending on name size) a piece and free shipping, just e-mail me and get that woman or girl in your life something especially sweet for their special day of rememberance.

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  1. So pretty and such a nice tradition. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and for the nice comment on my laundry makeover!
    Have a nice weekend,


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