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12 Days of Christmas (2)

I SO screwed up! Not the first time. One year I was off by one day and had to make up for it. We covered up pretty good with a fun poem that poked fun at our blunder, but I realized then that we have to be more careful. For some reason, the whole 12 thing loses me when I have a lot on my mind. So this year I got it backwards and told them it was the 12th day of, it was the 1st. Oops...thus the note kinda explaining that. Anyway, my scattered thoughts should make anyone feel better about themselves, it usually does! ;)

             Nevertheless, on with the program!
Tonight we shared a favorite Christmas story of the Christmas Orange. This one is fun because there are SO many ways you can shake it up. You can do an orange, tangerines, orange bread, orange cinnamon rolls with orange flavored frosting, orange cookies, orange chocolate slices, endless possibilities. We opted for the easiest...the chocolate! Yummm, have you tried these? We delivered them in the paper bag with the attached note.  You can find the story of the Christmas Orange here
We'll be cracking ours open while reading the story by the fire tomorrow night. A favorite tradition.

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