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4th day of Christmas!

Between Christmas shopping all day and my son's swim meet, our day was so full we ran out of time. Tonight's delivery was more like midnight madness. Delivery was easy though. Especially since, by this time in the game, people really want to know who the "secret santa" is and will wait to catch you in the act. It's good to be a little spuratic. Although... probably not as drastic as we are! Haha...So here was our message tonight:
This is super quick to assemble. Here's what you need:
1 box hot cocoa
1 pouch marshmallows
1 pouch Christmas Cadburrys (who knew?!)
1 box candy canes (prefered size)
celephane, bags with twists, scizzors, ribbon, message and tape
Assembly is pretty self explanitory. So I won't go on and on.
{pictured is one from the back, one from the front. You can tell by the bow}

...I want one!
P.S. If I had a giveaway for one of my pieces of jewelry, would anyone enter to win it? Just wondering. ;)

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