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Pumpkin Cheesecake

I've been preparing all week for a big Christmas bazaar that is held tomorrow, so I have been neglecting my blog a little too much, sorry for that! To make up for it, I'm sharing the following recipe with you. Let me just start by saying:
I'm not a big cheesecake fan. I can resist a room full of it  (much to my family's dismay). So when I ran into this recipe a year ago, I tucked it nicely in my recipe binder thinking I would someday make my family a yummy surprise treat. Well, someday, turned to weeks, then to months, which turned to a year. So when I was preparing the pies for Thanksgiving, I pulled this baby out, and guess what I discovered? Pumpkin. Can't resist it. EVER! And Ohhh-ho-ho my friends, you are in for the most enjoyable sinful treat with this recipecaution: You may hate me later for this. But I'm telling you, as you are letting each bite melt in your mouth, all you will be thinking about is how you are glad you have another one coming your way! So, be careful and make sure you have plenty of people to share with. Or you'll eat half of it someone else I know. *E-hem*
                                   So, here's your recipe for the week:

                                                    ( scrapbooked recipe found here. )

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