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the Dangers in blog hopping

I was just blog hoppin' today when I stumbled across a new site that has me wrapped. This little site has some lovely things. Since they are not easy to pin, I'm posting them from Blessings Unlimited, and ooh-la-la-hold me down!! I'm SO wanting a few items. I know, we just had Christma, so I'm posting my wish list early. and dreaming.  One thing at a time, right? and no, I'm not becoming a consultant to sell, not even hosting...there are certain things I just don't do anymore. Here are the items that I'm pining for:

                                                                   For the Entry Hall:

For the kitchen:

For the Front Door:

I saved my favorite for last. If I have to drop the rest of the wish list, I would be satisfied with this one.
Yes honey, you can divide them between birthdays and holidays. That will take patience, but I'll wait. Thank you very mucho!


  1. Oh that place looks dangerous! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I think I will try to make that card holder with rusty wire!
    It is way better that the magnets on my frig!

  3. Thanks to linking up to Show Your Stuff blog hop last week, I have this weeks up:

  4. I completely understand you!


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