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Cake Pops, really?!

I was so excited to get this cake pop maker for Christmas. I had wanted one for at least a year.

Nostalgia Electrics JFD-100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery

The children kept seeing it in the box on the Kitchen counter while I was trying to find a home for it, and just kept begging to make some. After all, wouldn't you since the pictures on that festive packaging look sO beautiful and tasty?

So we tried our hand at these blogland raved treats (can you see where this is heading?):


(This is AFTER removing her chocolate covered clothing)
Nice, huh...

Even messy for the older ones *eh-hem*
So you see, we didn't have "Cake Pops". We had "Cake balls on a stick".
Do you think we're onto something?!


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