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Perfect Paint Line

We've been enjoying a lot of changes around here lately. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been repainting every bedroom, starting with the renovation of the guest room turned oldest son's room. I have been painting my life away for many years. It is actually a project I find rejuvenating and mind freeing. I can think things through when I paint. The one thing I dread, however, is the blead through I know will undoubtedly occur when trying to paint a strait line. Let me share with you a tip I learned from my Mother just this last month. There are three ways to make the perfect paint line. The first is "frog tape", the second is taping and caulking, and the third is what my mother taught me which has proven to be most affordable and practical. Here's how the line turned out before I knew the method:
Tape off line with blue painter's tape. Although you can use standard masking tape, I have found painter's to be the best tape to use since it is less sticky and rips off much easier than your standard masking tape.

Paint over tape with the base color paint. Let dry completely.

paint over again with desired color, let dry completely, and tear off tape.

now you have your "perfect paint line" with no bleed.
Can't wait to see your results!


  1. That is SUCH a good tip. I paint a lot and this will help me...thanks for the idea!

  2. I have yet to paint any lines around our house, but I did hear about this tip and will definitely utilize it when the time comes :)


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