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Totally WICKED!

It all started with a stool I bought thrifted for around 3 bucks. I was looking for a stool to fix a table with, but ended up not needing it for that project. After seeing an image in Country Living Magazine. ( A personal fave!)

 I decided to paint it a gorgeous teal color 

The color is actually quite deeper than these pictures portray. My children loved it immediately!

I roughed it up a bit then let it sit. The children started using it right away.

Having found a 2x2 on my walk the other day, I felt inspired to make some halloween word blocks. I started out by cutting it down every 1- 1/2" on my chop saw.

This is where the children got involved. They look forward to craft projects, especially painting since mom does it all the time. I needed all those blocks black.

So those darlings all got into their paint clothes and painted while I sanded.
I wasnt' too picky since they are for Halloween. I love my Halloween decor to have a little rough touch.

Then I marked newspaper to size, cut out, and modge podged onto the blocks.

The letters were done with a sharpie with a crude hand. In the end, they were lightly sprayed with glitter spray. I'm in love with sparkle, what can I say?

While those were drying, I gave attention to my porch mums. I knew I wanted to wrap them in burlap

So I dug out my stash and some twine and wrapped them

cutting around the edges to eliminate access

 So, what do ya think?

 is it totally:


OH! Be sure to stop by Ginger Snap Crafts where I am guest posting our yard cemetary!


  1. Michele, those are wickedly awesome!! Love that the kiddos got involved... so sweet! I'm a new follower! jules

  2. i love this whole vignette in front of that rustic door!

  3. Looks like your perfectly styled shot should BE in Country Living! Love it all!

  4. Michele, The blocks are great and I especially like your adorable little helpers.
    Mary Alice

  5. I just LOVE this! You guys did an awesome job and I am pinning it so I can totally steal the idea for next Halloween! How is the first time I have been to your blog, I am a new follower:)

  6. Oh so cool, I have 5 stools sitting in my garage that the neighbor was throwing out - yep rifling through the neighbors trash, I have no shame.

    Found you via sugar bee, great post over there

  7. Love the painted stool and the W H I C K E D blocks were a bonus. Good one.



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