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Quick Piano Bench Recover (tutorial)

The piano bench has been neglected. It's gotten to the point that I'm really embarressed to have the piano teacher come to our house! I origionally upholstered it because I had a toddler that poured hand sanitizer on it and ruined the finish. Rather than refinishing it (like I probably should have--but hey, I was a tired worn out mom!) I covered it with a coordinating fabric to the other fabrics in the room. It was actually beautiful...

 back then!
So, since I was recovering my shabby (but not chic) piano bench, I thought I would share the quick and easy way to upholster a piano bench. 
You will need: 
drill gun with appropriate driver head
upholsery fabric (yardage depends size of your bench, I used 1/2 yd)
Hi-loft batting
fabric scissors
staple gun
helping hands (e.g. husband, children, friend, get the idea!)
                                Step 1)
Unscrew all hinges with screw gun
                          ** don't forget the slider hinge that holds the top on so that it doesn't open too far. I forget about this and it bends my hinge (ugh!)
                               Step 2)
Lay bench cover on floor and cover with desired layers of batting (I used 3 for mine)
                              Step 3)
 lay old cover over the top of the new fabric and cut out, using it as a pattern. If it wasn't previously covered, allow 2-2 1/2 inches for folding, overlap, and pull.  
                              Step 4) 
                           Fold sides to create a nice finished edge the pull and tuck firmly while stapling
to underside of the piano bench cover. For the corners, trim excess fabric and hospital corner for a nice clean edge.
             VERY IMPORTANT- *Make sure you cut out boxes for the hinges and leave opening for stability slider bracket!  If you don't, you will have to repeat step 4 all over again! 
                              Step 5)
  Replace hinges with screw gun with your "helping hands" and VOILA! You have a beautiful (and                                                                       comfortable) piano bench.

Now I can rest easy when the piano teacher comes around. 

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