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A Planked Wall

In December of last year a wind storm blew a good portion of our back fence down. My honey paid our 11 y.o. to pull the boards apart and stack them. As a result, we have a huge stack of old fence boards in the backyard calling my name to do something fabulous with them. Is it demented to be glad your fence blew down so that you can use the old boards for great projects and also get a new fence as a result? Sometimes I think my creative side results in a twisted mind.
For many months I have created projects in my mind with those fence boards, not really having the time to do what I've been wanting to. 
One day while out in my garage, I notices all the neat coastal themed items I had that were collecting dust on the shelves out there from when our boys had a pirate themed room. The items were actually pretty neat and I hated to just throw them out and didn't feel ready to donate them. It finally occured to me that the need to re-do the children's bathroom was the perfect opportunity to use these items. 


So I got busy. 

After collecting a few inspirations from pinterest (my followers probably thought I'd gone coastal lunatic), I recognized a common denominator in coastal decorating. 

made of drift wood
Oars as picture holders.
monochromatic color scheme of blue

coastal Fall wreath 3

JoAnn Crafts -6 Sea Inspired Favorites

painted oars. great look!
Do you see it? Yeah! Planked walls. 

So I decided to make one.
After digging through my rustic treasure pile, I sanded those boards like crazy and created one. 

                           I asked individual members of the family if I should paint the boards white.

                                                       They ALL said no. It was unanimous. 

                         We love the rustic, coastal charm they contribute to the feel of the room.
                               (regular followers might recognize my shopping bag turned art!)

                   I think we're getting somewhere.


                               I'm not finished yet. Come on back!
                                   To read about the shopping bag art click HERE.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love it! I noticed your kiddo's like mine, don't have a shower. We had to make do by installing an outside the wall unit
    :( Did you have to treat the panels? I guess it wouldn't matter as they were in the elements all this time and became these fabulous boards.
    Great job!

  2. I forgot to mention that I love everything you have going on so far, not just the planked wall hahaha.

  3. What a unique addition to your bath! Looks beautiful!

  4. Amazing plank wall, I love it! And I agree, I think it is fabulous unpainted!

  5. Oh my goodness!! It Looks fabulous!! Thanks for sharing this post on Tickled Pink Times Two!

  6. What a difference, Michelle! The planks really add height too! Love it :)

  7. Your remodel looks AMAZING!! How creative, to put wooden plank in your shower enclosure. I love the coastal feel ~ awesome! Pinned ~ Amy @ StowandTellU

  8. Amazing! Love the shower curtain too! Featuring this on Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday over on Kammy's Korner today. Thanks for linking up!!

  9. I love this!!!! But I want mine to be able to get wet. Thinking... thinking!!!

  10. Being the forever analyst, (uhhg! Lol) did you put some sort of water barrier up behind the planks? I would worry about water collecting behind them and rotting oit the wall behind...

  11. There have been a few questions raised about the ability for this wall to get wet...if you notice in the picture, there is no shower, this is just a tub. I would water seal and caulk if I felt this to be a concern as I did consider the possibilities before I origionally installed it. If it were a shower and closed off regularly, I would have gone to different measures. 6 montsh and so far, no problems! ;)


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