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31 Day Challenge- Belly Button Pumpkin

I'm slowly getting into the spirit of the Halloween festivities. It helps to have these cuties to get me excited about visiting the farm and picking out pumpkins. Amy (holding the pumpkin) chose this one because it is a deep orange. She calls it her belly button pumpkin. Can you guess why? 
By the way, what do you see behind these cute girls?! 

 A sneak peek at my screamin' free deal off craigslist. Can you tell what they are?!

Although I would love to imitate this sign I saw at JoAnne's, It's probably got to do to just show you this picture I took with my cell phone, with all I have goin' on. 
I love it. 

So Halloweenie!

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  1. Love the belly button pumpkin! Kids come u[ with the cutest things! Those little girls are darling!! Kids are a lot of fun!!

    The sign is cute! Can't wait to see yours!!

  2. I love the wreath and how it is displayed on the chicken wire message board! Thank you for your nice comment on my finished porch.


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