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31 Day Challenge- Closet Organization

This jewelry organizer worked for awhile. But to tell you the truth, I grew out of it long ago, so it was time for a change. I realized, too, that I could be utilizing the space a lot better. I also needed a place for my hats and purses. They were out of reach and quite difficult to get to. When I did get them down, it created quite a mess. Getting ready to go somewhere shouldn't be as distressing as it was. So I decided to make things a lot simpler. 

I started out with 3 mdf boards. The two for purses and hats cut the same length, going the stretch of the wall. The one for jewelry cut shorter. I painted them a creamy white:
Hat hooks were added to the two longer boards, cup hooks evenly spaced to the shorter one. After mounting them on the wall with just good old fashioned hammer and nails, I loaded my most used bags and hats on the top one:

Necklaces and bracelets on the middle one:

More bags on the bottom one. {I have since added more hats to these.} 
 I'm always amazed at the order and space organization provides.
 Just a look again at the before and after:
It's a lot easier to get ready in the morning.
I'm loving it!
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  1. You are right, getting ready to go somehwere should not be distressing! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday morning and need to do mine again. It seems like my closet is the last thing I work on! Yours looks great!!

  2. Looks great! I really need to do the same thing in my closet.

  3. Very nice! I HAVE to do something about my jewelry and SCARVES! TOO MANY SCARVES!


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