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31 Days of Completion- "F" is for "Fall"

Fall is in the air and it's getting chilly around here. 

For awhile I couldn't even think of pumpkins and halloween. But today the girls and I went to the Farms in search of a variety of pumpkins. 

We brought them home to decorate.

So I thought I'd share my Fall mantel. Come sit by our fire. 

 Cozy up and stay awhile. 
 We're so glad to have you.

 Feel the warmth and enjoy the crispness of the air

 See the pinecones and acorns the children often bring home.
 Watch the sunflower's petals drop as it starts to fade.

 Stay as long as you like. We love having you as a guest.

You can read about my mantel HERE.
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  1. Pretty pumpkins! It's looking a lot like Fall around here in Michigan too!

  2. Lovely, lovely and lovely! Everything looks so good! You are making me wish for cooler weather here too!


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