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Winter Wonderland

The month of December brought a wonderful snow storm for us. In your neck of the woods, pictures like these are a common vision. But here in mild Oregon, not so much. We are lucky to get snow at all. So we enjoyed it while it lasted. I thought it would be fun to share the rare pictures of our home covered in snow since it was the first time to receive 8" in 50 years. Isn't that amazing!

Our home from across the street
Looking out the girl's bedroom window 

Our back yard fence and wood pile
Our Chimney and roof

Our neighbor's pine tree
It's amazing how fresh and beautiful everything looks all covered in snow.
 A winter wonderland.

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures! We don't get snow here often either and it is amazing to see it. We did get it a couple of years ago, the amazing thing to me was that the animals seemed to know it was coming. It was fun to watch them play in it.


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