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Easter Service Coupons

It's finally looking like Easter around here! I fixed our poor wreath. There were so many eggs missing from its apparently stressful storage, so I filled in the space with a bunny I purchased on clearance at JoAnne’s last year. 

There are little touches throughout the house. We decided we needed a few bunnies this year. The girls picked out this little ceramic one for our kitchen mantel. I think he's sweet.
           This fun rabbit stands on our entry hall console.
This bunny sits on our kitchen table as a centerpiece.
The most exciting of all is this Easter bunny with his cart of eggs.  What makes this  bunny so special is what his eggs contain....  
A few years ago my husband and I came up with the idea of coupons of service, time and love for the children's Easter baskets so that we wouldn't get caught up in the commercial side of the holiday. Receiving these coupons has since become a tradition they look forward to. This is how we keep focused on the Savior so that we keep the spirit of the holiday where we want it to be concentrated. 
Following is a list of the coupons we are offering. We freshen up and change them each year then print them off on a fun Easter print paper. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you with ideas of your own!

Coupon good for a date with Mom &/or Dad

Coupon good for one trip to the movies

This coupon good for a picnic in the park

Coupon good for 1 movie rental of your choice

Coupon good for 1 free bed making 

Coupon good for 1 day free of chores (restrictions apply)

Coupon good for Dinner with Mom or Dad

Coupon good for a drive with Mom or Dad

Coupon good for 1 item ($5 or less)

Coupon good for a trip to the dollar store

Coupon good for 1 ice cream

Coupon good for 1 treat

Coupon good for once cookie making session

Coupon good for 1 game of your choice with Mom &/or Dad

Coupon good for 1 bubble bath

Coupon good for one box of the cereal of your choice

Coupon good for breakfast in bed

Coupon good for homemade dinner of your choice (give at least 2 day notice)

Coupon good for 30 extra min. of Computer or video game time

Coupon good for the purchase of one book

Coupon good for a date night with Mom or Dad

Coupon good for Breakfast at the restaurant of your choice with Mom &/or Dad

Coupon good for the purchase of 1 t-shirt (limited value)

Coupon good for 1 candy bar 

Happy Easter!

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  1. I love your bunny collection! They're all so cute. And the coupons are a neat idea!


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