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Coffee Sack Kitchen Valance

  Do you ever have a vision for a project that doesn't quite turn out the way you expected? That was the case with my coffee sack valance. 

 I have seen so many great ideas on Pinterest where it just makes the home look so rustic and homey. 
Although that was the look I was going for, it definitely  wasn't accomplished here, and even worse, when I tried to fix it, it felt like a mega fail. The edges were just not wide enough. 
Here's a step by step of what ended up happening to finish it and add to the width:
It still wasn't wide enough, so after living with it for awhile, I finally decided to add a ruffle to compensate for the lack of width. 
This addition finally worked. 
I just tucked the ribbon under every couple of inches and pinned it.

Sewing to secure

And tucking at the corners
Although it isn't exactly what I had planned, the width is finally achieved and the valance now serves it's practical use of keeping the glare out of my eyes on sunny mornings. Unfortunately something we aren't seeing much of these days.
Hope your day is bright and cheery. Meanwhile, I'm chalking it up to another task on my to-do list complete!

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