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Painting the Dining Room Table

Part of the reason I chose to join the 31 day challenge at The Nesting Place is because I needed the drive to complete the things I've been wanting to get done around here. Things I've been doing over and over in my mind, but putting off in reality. 

Turns out that it was the perfect incentive.
Back in May I replaced the old hutch I had in here with a smaller one. The other one was so big for the space I just couldn't make it work. 
So I sold it on Craigslist and found a smaller one that is more suitable for our space and
painted it a charcoal black. It has proven to be the perfect choice. But after adding the new hutch, the table and chairs didn't seem to go with the it very well. 
Our dining room table is a family heirloom. It was my Grammy's on my Mother's side. Though it is made with pure maple wood, she was never really happy with it because it wasn't really finished with a good polyeurothane. I remember eating, chatting and playing games at this table all the time growing up. It has a lot of sentimental value. My grandmother kept it in impecable condition, because she always kept it covered with a padded table cloth. My Mother gave me the table and chairs after it sat in her dining room for several years where it was exposed and used as any other table. By the time I got it, it needed refinishing. So after the 3rd time of restaining it I painted the pedastles white. 
Although it has remained this way for quite some time, I have never been satisfied with it. Things take quite a thrashing around here with a family as large as ours, so the pedistals always looked really dirty.
Every time I passed by the table while cleaning, I would catch a glimpse and wonder how those pedastals would look black. 
Today I found out. 
I painted them with 2 coats satin Royal brand paint by Ace.

 Now I love them!
1st item on the to-do list? 
Now it's time to remedy the issue of the missing chair...
See you tomorrow!

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  1. I sure do like the change! It looks great; a beautiful place for making memories. Happy Weekend, Linda


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