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Often when I'm doing a project I get an idea and image in my mind of how I want the finished item to look. This usually results in new items on the list of things to do that are spontaneous and weren't planned for, but are often what actually make the project a visual success. This was the case when I was installing the beadboard in my dining area this spring.

While seeing that board up against the wall looking all beautiful and fresh, I knew that the moulding around the window needed to be replaced and the next thing I knew I had torn it off. That's when I realized there was no turning back...
Using the leftover wood I had on hand from installing board and batten in my little girls' room, I framed out the window in no time. 

This made the overall look much more pleasing. Although it took a little more time to re-cut the beadboard, it was worth the patience.
 It's amazing how in the process of getting my to-do list done, it actually grows rather than shrinks. I guess that's the reality of my world.
                                                    Do you ever find this happening to you?
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  1. Hahaha. My husband thought he was them only one with an ever growing to do list. You know... one item turns into 3 or 6...


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