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The Framed Outlet

It's amazing how much the details of a room change the overall look. While adding the bead board to my dining area, I had to cut out the outlets. My husband and any other person with any knowledge of safety with power tools would have had a crying fit if they witnessed my method of cutting these out.
I will spare you (and myself) the details, let's just say, it wasn't ideal. 

I think it is now needless to say, the hole was a little less than perfect. 
Gaping might even be a term that would come to the mind of some. (ugh.)
I needed to come up with a remedy.

I started off by just measuring and framing around the outlet with a narrow decorative molding.
Caulked the seams and holes,
 then painted.
*Note: Admittedly, I think it would have turned out better had I taken the time to sand and paint again. I'm still going to do that anyway, so if you do this, remember to sand before priming and again before painting.

  Like so many of my other projects the solution ended up giving it a more finished look.
 Something I would not have otherwise done, had I not made a mistake in the first place.
Gotta love it when that happens. 
 Add another check to my list. ;)
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