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Chicken Feed

Usually I'm ready for clean and calm after the holidays, but this year, after all the Christmas decorations came down I found myself feeling very sad and the house very boring and drab. I found enjoyment in making this sign I was inspired to make after bringing home this pecking chicken for the kitchen one day.  

I made it with old fence board. I seem to have quite a few of them, so I cut them into even sizes and joined them together with my brad nailer and some lathing strips I had left over from another project I have yet to share.
I then designed it on microsoft word the way I envisioned it to be and printed it out, copied the words onto the boards using carbon paper and a pencil, and painted over them with a 1/4" angled brush.
 When I put it up on the mantel, I was disappointed because it didn't turn out the way I thought it would in my mind's eye. 
 I realized it was because the top board was more blanched looking then the rest.  
 So wanting the sanded look anyway, I got a bucket of bleach water and a dish brush and scrubbed over the boards. 
 Lettering and all.
When it dried, it was exactly what I hoped it would be. 
There are a couple finishing touches I might make, but for now...
 I'm content. 


  1. Super cute Michelle. Love this.

  2. What a sweet little country sign. Great idea with the bleach wash - never tried that but I will! THX!

  3. never thought of using one of those scrubber brushes....great idea. perfect.

    be blessed

  4. So cute! Using the scrubber brush is genius!


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