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The Rustic Nook- Retail space

I've been really busy the last couple of weeks getting things ready for my new business venture. I finally rented a space in a wonderful antique & vintage gift shop called Sweet Salvage  
(click on the link to visit them on facebook). 
If you are ever in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to stop in! There are extremely talented and amazing people here. 
I absolutely love the owner, she is so sweet, friendly, and great to work with. She's been incredibly encouraging along the way. 

My husband and I named my new retail space "The Rustic Nook".
I spent Mon-Wed. painting the area and getting it ready. 
By Thursday I was finally ready to move in. 
 A few things have sold since these photos were taken, so I will be filling those spaces in. I'm quite busy creating and finishing projects since there wasn't enough in the first place. You will probably recognize a few things, many I haven't shared before.
 It'll be good to have a reason to push getting things ready though. My garage will thank me when I can park both cars in there. ;)
I'm so thankful for both family and friends that have encouraged me to take this leap. It is exciting for me to have a reason to do what I love to do. I'll share more later, but for now, I've got to get back to work.
Hope your Valentine's day was wonderfully full of love!


  1. Congrats Michele. This is an awesome venture and amazing space. Love the name of your booth too. Good luck I know good things will come from all of this. Super excited for you.

    1. You always say the sweetest things! Thank you for your well wishes Kris. ;)

  2. Michele, You are going to be very successful with this venture. As soon as I saw the first picture, I thought that I'd love to shop in a place like that! One thing though, as person who loves this stuff I can tell you that the garage is not going to get any better! ~Ginene

    1. Thank you for saying so! I know you are right, it's going to take a lot of self discipline to keep from replacing anything I take out of that garage!! *hugs*!

  3. Michele....your space looks so great! You've got it styled nicely and a good variety of items to sell. Congratulations for taking the leap and good luck! You're going to love it!

    1. Thank you Holly, you are one of those that have been so encouraging and supportive every step of the way!! *Hugs*


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