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Gloves Adorned

I've had these dollar gloves in my sewing closet for at least a year, with the intention of making them special.
At a quick drop to browse a yard sale, I found a little plastic box that held a couple of crocheted items in it. This collar was one of them. I kept wondering what I would use it for. It was marked too cheap to resist.
 Then one day, I just took them out of the closet, cut the collar in half, and sewed the pieces onto the gloves.  
 At first the thought was to sew it to meet on the other side, but then I realized this would limit the ability for different size hands to fit, so I left it open on the outside edge. 
                                        I think it ended up giving them a special look.
 I loved the little pearl button, but since there weren't two, I took this one off and saved it for later.
 To give the inside a finished look, I embellished it with some glitzy ribbon made into a simple bow, a little feather, and a bead. 
 If the hole on the edges of the bead bothers you, just use buttons instead. This is what I had on hand. 
I like the way it looks.
 I also love the way the gloves look next to my sign. 
 Wouldn't it be fun to give them as a gift? I'm making a few more to sell in my shop space as a stocking stuffer idea.
I think that even though it was super simple, these patient gloves did turn out special. 
They are gloves adorned!
What do you think?
I'm cold enough to go put them on right now.
Hope you're keeping warm!

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  1. These are just so pretty, and what an amazing way to dress up a plain pair of gloves!
    Happy almost weekend!


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