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March Madness #10- {Round Table}

Welcome back to March Madness!
For those of you who are just joining in on the series, I have been really busy these last few days trying to get my garage cleared out.
Being that I have a shop space where I sell refinished and refurbished items, I have quite the collection in my garage. With  my older two boys coming home for a few months, we have a real need for the garage to function the way it was intended. That does not mean hording and storing all my junk. ;)
Shall we get on to the project for today then? 
I've had this round table in our garage for For-Ever!! Meaning, waaaaay too long. 
The reason is, I have struggled with what I have wanted to do with it.
 Originally I wanted it to be white. Naturally, right? So one day a friend of mine and I painted the pedestal just that...white. 
(You can see the results in the collage above. Due to computer issues, I don't have the original picture, darn it!)
Later I sanded the top down to stain it, for that beautiful two-tone look. As it turns out though, it is just overlay and I sanded to much. 
I ended up needing to paint it. 

Still wanting the two tone look, and with the white not covering the table too well, I didn't love how it
was turning out, so I finally I purchased some General finishes Chocolate brown for the top and Sage Green for the pedestal.
 I tried doing a white washed glaze over the top, but it was looking sickly. So I decided to keep it the pure chocolate color.
 I love the detailing in the table. To be quite honest, I am still not satisfied with how this poor thing turned out, but for the sake of right now, I went ahead and styled it on my front drive.
 Here are a few of my favorite dining pieces to cheer up the look.
Sometimes things don't turn out exactly the way you intend. Isn't that just life?
I will be revisiting this table again. 
I think I have the perfect solution!
See you tomorrow for a fun garden feature with March Madness #11.

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