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Hello there, my name is Michele and welcome to my Blog! I'm thrilled that you stopped by. Let me tell you a little about how this blog began.
Shelstring started in 2007 when it became my Jewelry business, creating beautiful women's and girl jewelry out of sterling silver and swarovski crystal. This blog for Shelstring started in 2010 when my website became an online business. Since then it has evolved into a home improvement blog...among other things. This is where I share with you my progress in projects and decorating jobs both at home and for friends, something that has always been a passion of mine.

 If I'm not busy with my seven children and knight in shining armor husband, I create projects to keep me busy, which has turned out to be somewhat of an obsession. Here  you will find projects where practicality meets creativity and the hopes that in sharing, will offer inspiration in some small, if not large way. I hope you feel comfortable here! So please sit back, grab your favorite drink, and feel free to browse in minutes what's taken me years to create. Because in this neck of the blogosphere, I'm "stringing along" project at a time!

*You can still find my jewelry in my new Etsy Boutique (coming soon) and select businesses.

Need to contact me? You can email me at:
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Hope to see you around...

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  1. More information on your bench, im trying to do one just like it!!!!.....I did a Aviary with my hubby an now I want to do the bench........can you put more pics or instructions. thank you......I do necklaces too!!!!


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