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Under the Bed Lego Board-Dose of DIY {Organization}

Wow friends! It's hard to believe that it's time for another Dose of DIY.

I always have the best of intentions at the beginning of a new year, ironically for this month's theme, to be better organized both in time and home. Each year I feel like I'm failing when I find that my time has slipped away and my home still looks and feels...well, unorganized! 
In fact it makes me completely crazy.
 Just today I was talking to a friend and we were sharing how much we appreciate a friend who recently heard about somebody that decided they were going to start recognizing the things they have accomplished rather than worrying about the things they haven't, despite their never-ending to-do list. WOW!
 Does that sound familiar to anyone else besides us? 
I recently started sharing my girls' room that I've painted, added board and batten to, as well as made a shelf and a couple of frilly banners for. I'm really trying hard to complete projects I start before moving on to the next one...I'm really bad at this.

Theirs is a room that falls under the makes me completely CRAZY category!! No matter what I do to help them clean and how much time we spend sorting, and organizing, it is always a complete disaster. It wasn't until I took a step back and re-evaluated what the real issues were, that I realized that no matter how many bins, baskets and totes we have, it doesn't make one bit of difference if things aren't readily accessible in a realistic sort of way that the children can easily maintain.
That's when my ideals and approach to the room changed.
We not only want it to look and feel clean...we want it to actually be and remain clean.
So I made a mental list of the things they needed to make their room more efficient for them.
The first thing on the list was to make the oldest of the two, Alyssa (who is seven) a shelf where she can keep her chapter books, and hang her purses, backpacks, swimsuits and scarves.
{You can read about that post HERE.}
 So far this has been a wonderful solution!!
I love success, because we know that what often follows success is enthusiasm for more success.
 The next real need was a place for their Lego Friends. This was the gift of gifts this last Christmas, so legos were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I knew this wasn't something I could continue to tolerate, and it wasn't working for any of us to trip over them and break them and then try to keep them on the dresser where they were in the way and falling all over other things. That's when this totally awesome idea developed 
*double wink*
 I wanted something that could enable the girls to play one minute, and put it away the next. Anyone that has ever experienced legos, knows that they are not a toy you just pick up and put away. They are an ongoing project. 
Hey, I need something like this for my craft, sewing and building projects...

It also needed to have a ledge to keep pieces from sliding off.

Wheels were a necessity since they make it a whole lot easier to slide under the bed.
 I have to say, I really love my adorable model, she's the spice of my life!
So, you ready to make one?
Here's a quick step by step layout:
The board was one I pulled out of the garage (love that) that measures 42"x37-1/2".
I had the casters on hand from an organizing tote I didn't want on wheels. Even though they are plastic, they are perfectly smooth rolling for this project.
The primer was water based. I learned the hard way that if you don't prime a board, especially one that has been in the garage awhile, it will bleed through the paint.
Also, before painting, caulk the trim and fill in holes to give it a nice finish.

There you have it!
Gotta say I love my little model. Isn't she adorable?
Now it's time to check out some more organizing inspiration, click on the links below to see what my sweet blog friends have put together.

Rolled Coconut Pecan Cookies

Every Sunday night I make the cookies for the family. Sometimes with the children, sometimes for the children. It's always a special treat. Today, I decided to make some that were a little special, because although I love chocolate chip cookies (especially the dough) I love a little variety. So why not add a couple of my favorite ingredients? I had already made my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and the last batch was ready to go into the oven when I decided I was going to make this batch for me and my wonderful husband. I pulled out some unsweetened coconut flakes and added some chopped pecans, then rolled each ball of dough in the nut mixture.

Project Challenge #1- Spindles, Moulding, and Trim

Well hello dear friends!! I'm super excited to be kicking off another year of Project Challenge with you today!! We have a new 2016 team and I'm so excited to present them to you!


So at the end of this post, please check out their projects and give them all a HUGE welcome, would you? They have some fun and inspiring creations to share with you as well. 
So, to preface my project, for those of you who are new to my blog, I just began sharing projects I am doing to redecorate my 2 little girl's room. They are 5 and 7 and a lot of fun after 5 boys. We recently switched rooms after another brother left for college in the fall and are just barely personalizing each space. I started with this room because it was the one in most need. I will be sharing more on that in the not so distant future, but today I am sharing something made for them to display their fun decor as well as a functional remedy. I found that their room is regularly quite untidy (to put it nicely) because they are lacking for places to put things. With the theme being spindles, mouldings, and trims, I saw this as an opportunity to make a much needed shelf for our seven year old. 
I will be giving you the details, so if you aren't really interested in how to build one yourself, go ahead and scroll down to the fun after photos ;)

A Fancy Pennant Banner

Two days before Christmas I had the 2nd of 2 surgeries within a month on my left knee...long story, maybe I'll share someday, but the good thing about having to stay down for a little while was the time I had to put things into perspective... on a variety of levels. One of the goals I have made for this year is to finish decorating the rooms I have started. It will take some time to get all of this done, but the great thing about blogging is that I get to drag you along with me, right? After all, the journey of any destination is the best part, or should be anyway! I'm not really starting at the beginning with this journey right now, for reasons that will be unfolded along the way, but because I can't wait to bring you along I just had to share this project!
I have been collecting ideas for their room on Pinterest for a couple of years now, so since we are working on their "new" room, I asked my 7 year old what she wanted incorporated from all the pins. She immediately pointed out pennants, banners and pom-poms. 

Dose of DIY Blog Hop- Valentine's Day Arrow {and a quick tip!}

When I was given the theme for this month's dose of DIY I will admit that I wasn't too enthusiastic. 
Not because I don't love Valentine's day, I do. I just didn't feel all pink and red. At heart I'm not one of those that loves to decorate WAY before the upcoming holiday. Yet in the blog world, you must decorate early enough for others to glean from your awesome ideas, right?! 
I'm not so sure about awesome, but I was pretty happy when I went out to my garage for inspiration to find something that I might make into a somewhat decent Valentine decoration and spied this picket fence post.

5 Top Favorite Posts of 2015- who inspired me this year!

I am going to be honest here. Which, in the blogging world might be as stupid as shooting myself in the foot. But I really dislike best projects of the year posts. I'm not sure why I don't like them so much. Generally I'd say I'm a pretty positive person, but sincerely, each time someone posts one, it just makes me cringe. Each and every one of them. I'm not really even sure why. I've been trying to figure this out, not that I want to spend a lot of time on it, but all I can think is that maybe it's the reasons why people seem to post them. Reasons like expectation- everyone thinks they need to have one of these posts to cap off the year? Or that it seems like it's so un-original and I'm not sure where it came from in the first place, but "everyone does it, so I'm doing it too", like a blogging trend? Maybe it's because I've never been one that likes to follow the crowd to do things unless I can see it as productive, useful, helpful, or beneficial to somebody else in some meaningful way? Or maybe it's because it often seems boastful or useless, especially when, many times, their top blog posts are already posted on their side bar. Whichever way I look at it, I have no understanding as to why this gets so under my skin. But it does. I realize I'm going out on a limb by sharing this dark side of my feelings with you while most likely offending most everyone out there in the blogasphere. For that I am truly sorry, but this is the reason why I'm going to share my favorite read posts in 2015 with you. These are posts I read that truly changed me in one way or another, most of which were stumbled upon by accident while exploring a "new to me" blog and actually written in 2014.  They are the posts that touched my heart, taught me, or inspired me to improve myself and my family. In sharing them with you, it is my hope that they will do the same for you, that you might benefit from them in some way like I did. goes! 

This first one was like one of those posts where I thought, "how simple, why didn't I think of that before?!".  I spent a lot of this year feeling overwhelmed and WAY in over my head. Starting in January, I started a new group, which if you follow me, are very familiar with called Project Challenge. I had already been contributing for a blog called "Ask Anna", was accepted for a position on the Country Chic Paint 2015 blogger squad, and started my own shop space at Sweet Salvage. Though All of these were things I really wanted to do, and in some way or another, connected with each other, it was a lot to take on all at once. Especially considering the fact that I was (and still am) a mother of 7, wife to a busy and amazing husband, still cutting hair for friends and family, and in the 11th year of home renovations. All of which could not, and would not, be cut out. So when I read this post, it was a saving grace, something I really needed to "hear". With constant deadlines and projects spread all over my kitchen and dinning room areas like a craft tornado had blown up in my house, to get ready to "go to the shop", nothing ever felt finished. Reading this post was truly a *PING* moment for me in answer to prayers. It is truly worth the 4-5 minutes to read this post from Katie at Double the Batch, and is my #1 of the year!
                                                                    *Note: click on the title of the post to read it.

Project Challenge #12-Book Pages or Sheet music

Hello friends, how was your Christmas?! Did you get everything you wanted and then go to the after Christmas sales? I usually love to do that, but this year I'm recuperating from an ACL repair in my knee, so we are going to save a little money and keep me down.
I'm happy to welcome you to the last project challenge of the year.
Can you  believe it?!! It's been a whole year of inspiration. Endings are always a bittersweet thing. The good news is, this is not the end of Project Challenge, so nothing to sniffle over! ;) 
As we have a couple of sweet friends leaving after this year's challenge, we have a couple new ones joining us, so you'll have to come back and visit next month to find out who they are and what is on the new schedule, huh?!
Now, on to the challenge, huh?!