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Royal Table Setting

A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday celebration for an organization in our church, called Relief Society. If you haven't ever heard of it, this organization is the largest women's organization in the world. It was first organized by church leader and Prophet Joseph Smith. His wife Emma was the first president in 1842. (You can read more about the purpose and history HERE.)  
For this celebration, we were asked to volunteer to decorate a birthday themed table. I chose to do a table themed "daughter of royal birth" to remind us that as members of this relief society, we are all God's children, which make us royal since he is a king. I figured the time invested played two parts, 1) to decorate a table for this celebration, 
2) to re-use these decorations for my youngest daughter's birthday. She's turning 6 today! (mixed emotions) 
I'm sharing these pictures of the decorated table the night of the celebration before the event started. If I wait until we celebrate my daughters birthday too, well, I may never end up sharing. Sadly, I'm just that way. Once an event is over, I move on and forget to share things I've done! (As I'm sure any regular reader may have noticed).
My favorite part of the whole table was the centerpiece. 
I used the idea of glittering a wide mouth mason jar and bought some hydrangeas at the grocery store to fill it.
The candle holders were a Target find at Christmas time. They held battery operated candles from the dollar store.
(I sure wish the dollar store was what it is now back when I got married!)
The flowers and candles were placed on some fluffed pink tulle.
In case you're wondering, the process of making the glittered jar was as simple as this. Paint mod podge where you want the glitter, and then sprinkle with fine glitter (I purchased mine at Michaels) and let dry.
I added a floral arranging cap insert to the lid (also from Michael's).
The place setting was fun, yet the most time consuming. 
The wands were pre-cut dowels spray painted gold and then a chalkboard painted wooden star hot glued to the ends. I made a tag on sticky paper, cut into strips, then notched on the end.
These turned out to be a lot of fun.
The crowns were the most challenging of all. I followed a tutorial (here) and came up with my own method when that didn't prove to work out well for me. I'd seen this idea years ago and knew that one day I would make them. 
They started out as ecru color crocheted lace. 
The idea was to use fabric stiffener, paint, glitter, and hot glue together in a crown shape. This didn't go so well for me. I stiffened them and let them sit for hours. When they weren't hard enough, I used mod podge, as the tutorial demonstrates, but it just wasn't drying very fast. I finally stared painting the mod podge on with a paint brush, applying a generous amount of glitter, then transfering them onto a parchment paper covered cookie sheet to bake in the oven at 275 for around 5-10 min. I didn't bother painting them with acrylic paint. I found the glitter coated them well enough to skip this step. Baking in the oven was a much  quicker, and more effective method.

Last, I did the best I could with the chairs by tying a bit of tulle around the tops. This was the best attempt I could make in beautifying these (very practical) chairs without making a complete cover for them.

The ladies were so gracious about the whole setting. We enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and assembled humanitarian bags for our local homeless Mission. It was so wonderful to learn of their program and be a part of that service which is right in line with the purpose of the Relief Society, offering relief and uplifting others through service. 
I loved the celebration of an organization that has been such a blessing in my life. 
Now I can't wait to celebrate another great blessing, my sweet daughter's birthday! 
We just went on a fun field trip to Trader Joe's with her class yesterday.
 She's such a joy!

Project Challenge #4- Ticking or Burlap

Welcome to Project Challenge #4!!
This month's challenge is burlap or ticking. How exciting! 
I have to admit, that these are my two favorite fabrics and I thought of several projects I could use them on. However, these chairs won out because they were purchased after I had made the commitment that I wouldn't buy anymore to fill my garage until I had made a good dent in my project pile. 
Seriously though, look at that price tag, how could I pass them up all ready and waiting to just be finished?
So clearly, these had to come home with me and be finished and done, right? Gotta fulfill our commitments no matter who they're too, don't ya think? 
AND, in all honesty, I have been working on that garage stash as well, so technically, it's I'm trying to tell myself. 

Dose of DIY- Mason Jar Pazookie

Really?! Are we really here for another Dose of DIY again? You know what the theme is? Glass jars, mason jars, and vases. I know, pretty broad, huh?!
 You'd think this subject would be easy, and it appears that for my brilliant friends, it was (be sure to check them out in the end) but for me it was so broad that my little brain almost completely exploded, just ask my poor family.

Furniture Refresh Challenge- Entry Chair

Hey-LO my wonderful friends and readers!! I'm so excited today! Not only because it is our second Furniture Refresh, but also because I finished a long awaiting project as a result of this challenge. 
I LOVE a good refinish, 
don't you?! 
Today's refresh was this beauty. 
It was a craigslist find a few months ago.

Project Challenge 2016 #3- Chalkboard Paint {Closet Doors}

Hey everyone!! Welcome to Project Challenge.
This is truly one of my favorite days of the whole month!! For those of you that are new to Project Challenge, I will briefly explain what it is:
A group of 8 of us bloggers get together on the last Thursday of each month and share our projects using a themed item or material. This month's challenge is Chalkboard Paint. I LOVE chalkboard paint, as my regular readers well know. ;)
I took this month's opportunity to do a long awaited project in my 13 year old boy's room.
When my 4th son got his own room at the beginning of the school year, he told me that it would also be the guest room when we needed a place for guests to sleep, since his getting his own room meant that we wouldn't have a spare bedroom anymore. He was very patient about my finding the time to make it his own.

He is Risen Chalkboard Sign

This season has been so busy at our home with all the re-decorating and renovating that we've been doing, that when the girls asked if we could pull out the Easter decorations, I wondered what we would be able to find. 
The thought even crossed my mind that we maybe didn't have but a couple bunnies.  
I was really excited when I came across this sign I made last year. 
I had forgotten all about it! 
Last year seems so long ago, so much has taken place since last Easter.
Since I obviously never took the opportunity to share this sign with you, I thought I would take the time today.

Ultimate Recipe Challenge- {Outback Steakhouse} Garlic Red Potatoes

Hey everyone! I'm so happy to be sharing a wonderful recipe with you today. I'm joining up with the Ultimate Recipe Challenge today, where every other month we will be sharing original recipes we created including a themed food. 
This month's challenge is... 
You guessed it, 
One of our favorite sides with any meat dinner are potatoes. Each birthday we ask our children what they want their special birthday dinner to be. One year, my second son Tyler, asked me to grill steaks and make potatoes to resemble his favorite restaurant potatoes from Outback Steakhouse. Wow! This was a challenge I couldn't pass up. 
That's when I created the recipe to these potatoes. 
They are a hit every time I serve them! Who doesn't like a recipe that good?