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Furniture Refresh- {Grain Sack Bar Stools}

Hello hello! How happy I am that you visited me today. I have a special post for you today. I'm joining my beautiful and talented Furniture Refresh friends, and the theme is acrylic, so don't go away before checking out their projects at the end of this post!

If you followed my March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects then you are aware that not everything on my list to clear out the garage got finished. That's probably good in the way that I have something to share with you today, right?! I'm actually excited about this one too, because I'm thrilled with how this flip turned out.

I started out with these two bar stools I bought from a really nice woman who sold them on Craigslist. They are solid wood, and let me tell you, they are heavy! The back on one of them was loose and wobbly. I'm guessing it fell over at one point because the screws had become loose in them. To remedy this, I used wood glue and then used my brad nailer to secure them from the front. This did add a couple of nail holes, but it is solid now and I think it will hold up well.
To start, I sanded them down really good. There were a lot of rough edges that were smoothed out. Next I primed them. Then I painted them with two coats of General Finishes Seagull Gray (not an affiliate). Something I really loved about these stools were all the straight lines that were so easy to paint. I have painted a lot of spindles lately, so this was refreshing!
 The back rests to these stools lent themselves to doing something really fun. I thought of a whole mirad of ideas, but finally settled on a pattern that just felt appropriate to this time of year. I think you know how much I love grain sack, right? Being that the theme was acrylic, this was perfect since I generally do my designs using acrylic paint.

 Just a quick tip. I have been painting with acrylics for 24 years. There are some really good quality paints out there, and there are some really poor quality. Over the years, some of them have changed to. I'm here to tell you that you get what you pay for. So if you want to pay the regular price of 1.00, you get 1.00 quality. If you pay the 1.50-2.00, you will get that quality. Let's just say, it's worth the extra 50 cents to a dollar. Ceramcoat and Delta are my favorites. Apple Barrel is wonderful if you want to just wash something. It is thin and runny.
For this project I used the Delta in Light Ivory for the stripes and added a little of the Ceramcoat in Black to my Seagull Gray for the bees. I wanted the same color just darkened up.

  The design turned out just how I'd hoped!
  As you can see, there is a rung missing on the stool to the left that I think I will be adding later. I wasn't going to, but after finishing them, I'm thinking it would be a better idea and wouldn't be that hard to do. I'll post an update when I add it.
 What do you think?!
See you next Tuesday with another project, but for now,
 go check out the beautiful refreshes from my friends. They always do the most inspiring projects!

March Madness #9- {Open Top Coffee Table}

Hey there sunshine! I'm glad you dropped by and thank you for joining me for my March Madness #9! I'm 3/4 of the way through my March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects and I'm happy to share this Coffee Table I bought on Craigslist.
 I have been wanting a coffee table like this for years. Well, not really like this, but one that could open and is an adequate size for our living room. Speaking of opening, when the guy opened this one up to show me inside, I was thrilled to see these inside!
The legs weren't mentioned in the listing on Craigslist. I had decided that if the table was real wood and in good shape, I would buy legs to add on to it. I'm so glad I didn't have to, these are perfect! Not only that, but the inside appears to be cedar.
 It took me awhile to decide how I wanted this piece. To start, I sanded it down real good. Then I gave it a couple or 3 coats of General Finishes Antique White.
I used an Antique Mahogany stain on the top, but I'm not really pleased with it.
To be honest, I'm still thinking this one over.
I'm thinking to add some sort of hardware or detailing...I don't know. I had thought to use glaze to enhance the details, but want to be sure before adding it.

 I do love the look of it, so while I'm thinking it through, we are enjoying this table in our Living Room. It will soon be a great place to store our blankets and throws we use on these still so chilly nights.
What do you think?
Which project do you think is coming to you tomorrow? I completed everything in the last collage (YAY!) so here is a new one!

March Madness #8- {Queen Bee Coffee Table}

Hello March Madness Friends! I know you were just dying to come back and see what I have in store for you today!! What did you guess to be the next target on my March Madness list?
I've just about finished this group off, so you had a 50/50 chance to be right at this point.
If you guessed this baby, you were right!
 I found this table during a quick trip to the thrift shop. 
It was 1/2 off that day, so I got it for $14.99.
Nice for pure wood, right!?
I have been dying to refinish a coffee table, so this was the perfect opportunity to do something nice. I immediately sanded it down to the bare wood. 
 Then I painted the legs with lamp black. I used my favorite brand milk paint by General Finishes.
I gave them a couple of coats while propped up against another table.
Next I painted the top using Seagull Gray.
I gave it a good 3 coats. I love this brand because it has a slight satin sheen to it, unlike most chalk and milk paints out there. 
(Not an affiliate, by the way, just love their product!)
After the 3 coats, I just styled it and took pictures...
 I was still debating whether I wanted to do something on the still blank slate.
 Then a few days later, it came to me. 
It needed a little vintage touch.
With Spring and all, I have been really loving the Bee theme. 
Don't ask me why.
I made a vinyl stencil with my Sillhouette and stenciled it on. 
The perfect touch!
Don't ya think? 
I'm so ready for Spring to be here. The dandelions are in bloom (begging for fertilizer) 
and the grass is green. 
Now all we need is some sunshine!
Come back tomorrow and see what I did with the last one on this collage's hit list!

March Madness #7- {Old Shutter and a Cotton Wreath}

Welcome back to my March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects!
The end goal for this event is to clean out my garage trying to use what I already have on hand.
Since today's project lands on a Sunday, which is the one day I give myself to relax and enjoy honoring the Sabbath day with activities that are light and can be enjoyed with my family, this project is going to be simple. 
Do you love a good and easy craft as much as I do?
Well, old shutters are always a favorite of mine because they have so many possible uses. 
I bought these at my favorite antique store. 
I seriously think it was last year, but can't tell you for certain. 
Although I bought them together, I decided to use just one. I was debating about this until I realized I only had enough spray paint on hand to finish one of them, then the choice was pretty much made for me. 

Anyway, I just took this old shutter to the back yard and spray painted it with a coat soft coat of green. I wish I could tell you what color it was, but I honestly don't remember. It ran out halfway through the project.
 I used to think this sort of thing was tragic, but now-a-days, I find this a good time to discover something I never would have before.
While spray painting, the wood was bleeding through the paint. 
At first I wasn't very happy about it, but then I realized that it was creating a pretty neat patina. 
The paint was able to go on all of the surrounding frame and then the outside edges of the slats. There were some sporadic spritz in the center as the can was running out. Then I took green leaf and filled in everywhere else and spot sprayed different areas. This ended up giving it a unique weathered look that I absolutely love.   
I don't like to share blurry pictures, but to show a close-up of the patina, this is the only one I have. My lens is having trouble focusing, so it didn't capture it well. I think you get the idea though. 
The splitting and separated look is due to the lacquer that isn't worn off of the wood. This is what I think adds to the look so well.
While the shutter was drying, I pulled out a few supplies I had on hand for a wreath:
1. glue gun
2. grapevine wreath
3. cotton stems
4. white flower sprigs
5. jute
6. sizzors.
I started by placing the cotton stems evenly apart, dabbing with glue as I went. After placing them every couple of inches all the way around, I added a flower sprig to the base of each cotton stem.

I think this added the perfect fresh spring green touch.
Don't you love how those flowers are paper coils? So neat, huh!
This project literally took me more time to gather supplies than to put together.
I had it assembled in less than 5 minutes!
  I hung it up in the entryway and love how it looks. I intended to take it to the shop, but maybe we'll enjoy it for awhile. 😉
Now what am I going to do with the other shutter?
I guess you'll have to come back and see! 
I'm so glad you joined me today!
Hope you'll come back again tomorrow.
Can you guess what the next project will be?
Come back tomorrow and see!

March Madness #6- {Vegetable Bin}

Hello my devoted friends! Today is the 6th day of my March Madness event. I have shared 5 other projects that you can find at the end of this post if you missed them.
I was pretty stumped over this project, so honestly it was in line as the first project and I am just finally able to share it as my sixth. Wow, mid-way through the 12 days and my little vegetable bin finally makes the cut! 
So here go the little deets....
First I gave it a good sanding. 
Then, the inside was pretty dirty, so I cleaned it out real good. I already planned on painting it all over, so a good coat of primer was important. This also seals out any odors (I didn't notice any, but you never know) and any bleed from previous stains.

Next I gave it a coat of black milk paint. 
I wish I had a picture of that, but I don't.
(darn it!)
 This gives the piece a little dimension and  character.
No matter how hard I tried to work with the top, I just couldn't find a way to cover the taters etching. I didn't want this and the onion etched in there to show since I want this bin to be versatile, so I ended up making a brand new lid. This was super simple since I had the right size board in the garage that I could just cut to the right width.
This is the real reason this little makeover took so long. 

Once it was painted, I was liking it a lot. I just gave it a quick sanding to show the black underneath.
To hide the onion etching in the front, I covered it with a chalkboard I got for under $3.00 at JoAnne's using my 40% off coupon.
It didn't look right until I framed it out with some molding I had leftover from another project though.
The knob and drawer pull are from Hobby Lobby.
 I like the way they make this cute little bin look important. 😊
Add some potatoes and our little bin is serving its purpose!
 Funny thing is, it's smaller than an old potato sack.
Thank you for sharing in my fun here for March Madness! 
See you tomorrow,

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