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Project Challenge- {Screening}

Hello friends! It's my favorite time of the month again. 
Can you guess what that is? 
You're right, Project Challenge!
This month my savvy friends and I have taken on the challenge to use screening. These projects are amazing, so I can't wait for you to see them all.
Shall I tell you about mine first?
I bet you're wondering what I could possibly be using screening on this old ugly shelf for, huh?
Actually, when the challenge of screening was presented, the first thing I thought of was, of course, a window. But as I was contemplating my project, I remembered this old shelf I bought at the thrift store for 5 buckaroos.
 I loved the shape of it and thought it would be a wonderful display shelf in my shop space, but it needed a backing of some sort.
It was obviously definitely in need of a good you can see. 
So I gave it a good sanding with my orbital sander (if you don't have one of these and do a lot of projects, get one! I promise they save a LOT of time.)

And don't worry, I sanded it in the garage. This image is just to show you what it looked like just before it got it's fresh coat of paint. 
I gave it three coats of General Finishes Antique White , my favorite brand milk paint. 
(Not an affiliate, just love their products!)
It's a nice thick paint, but I have yet to find any white that I can just slap one coat on of, and have great coverage.

Next I spray painted my screen with a copper antique color I had on hand. It's hard to see the difference in this pic, but it does make a difference.

I will let you know some tricks I found while doing this project, on how to iron out the creases in screening. But that will have to be in another post for time's sake today, I will just say that it was quite the wrinkled sheet when I found it in the garage!
Next I made a stencil with contact paper using my Silhouette, and stenciled the image onto the screening with some lamp black milk paint (also by General Finishes).
I was going to spray paint it, but I ran out of black at the last minute. 
For the love of ease. If anything can go wrong for me during a project, it just does....Murphy's law. 
Does that apply to anyone else? 
Raise your hand!
While that was drying I kept applying new coats of paint onto my shelf.
When everything was good and dry, I distressed the shelf a bit and stapled the screening to the back of it, centering the lettering
and trimming the excess of the screening off the edges.
This shelf already had eye hooks in the back, so I hung it with wire I had in the garage all coiled up. 

 Turns out I like the way the wire looks. 
 Now I have a display for my sugar scrubs in the shop. 
I love the way the lettering turned out too.
 Guess that Murphy's law isn't so bad when  project turns out so well. 
 And.. I just had to show off my sweet shamrock plant that just loves it's regular place in the kitchen window. I think it sets off the shelf just right with the jars of sugar scrubs. I will be sharing my recipe for those scrubs soon too, but for now...
  Why don't you go see all the amazing projects my friends came up with?!
  Thank you for coming by today.

See you soon, 


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day. 
Not because it's a time when we can express our love for those we hold dear to our hearts, because we should be doing that every day...
but because it is a time dedicated to enhancing that love and making it extra special for those around us. 
Preface to this post: I know that some people get irritated when ideas for a holiday come on or after the holiday, but I write my blog for the love of writing it, so I share when and however it works best in my life...which is always happening. I'm not one of those "on the ball" bloggers who can pump out holiday ideas months before the holiday, so if you're looking for that kind of blog, you've clearly come to the wrong place
Ha ha!!
I figure you can pin these to your Pinterest boards and use them next year, or even for a gift for another occasion.

So today I wanted to share the sweet Valentine's my daughter made with a group called Activity Day Girls which is an organization in our church. The girls range from 8-11, and she loves every moment of every meeting
So much so that every other Wednesday when they hold it, she makes me take her from gymnastics early so she can be on time. That's a pretty big deal too,
when you know how much she loves gymnastics.

 The first gift they made was this little chocolate heart flower which is so sweet! 
(no pun intended)
It would be so simple to make and is pretty self explanatory. Most all of the supplies would probably be something you would have on hand if you help your children with a lot of school projects. 
 Next, I thought this little rose was so impressive looking and turned out amazing. These are supplies I have on hand, but probably not most anyone would unless they are into floral arranging or craft a lot. However, the supplies would be somewhat inexpensive and most of them could probably be found at the dollar store. 
The notebook was something my darling girl thought of all on her own. 
It is a book she did get at the dollar tree and filled the pages with coupons for me. There are things like a foot rub, cleaning my room, breakfast in bed, mopping the floor, singing me a song and doing a dance. 
She knows me well.
It is my favorite of all! 
I love my Valentines!
Another idea I wanted to share was this wreath I made for our door. I have been wanting to make a new wreath for quite some time, but wasn't sure what I was going to use, and wanted something a little more unique than I've ever had. 
So when I was at my favorite antique shop Treasures from the Heart, I found this cute Love Letter door hanging and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. 
The whole thing couldn't have been easier to put together. My friend who owns the shop said that she bought it on Etsy years ago. 
It too looks like something that would be pretty simple to make.
I'm glad I didn't have to though, and truth be known, 
if you are local, she has more, so you wouldn't have to either! ;)
I just slipped the gauze tie around the letter over a couple sprigs of the wreath in the back 
I had myself the perfect door hanging. 
At least it's perfect for me. 

The last thing I wanted to share was conversation hearts in a jar. 
So simple and yet so fun for the children. 
They were so delighted when they came home and saw this on the already set table.
Conversation hearts take me back to when I was a little girl in 5th grade. We passed around our valentines and played games. One of them was making sentences out of conversation hearts. 
It was a lot of fun.
Probably mostly for me because English is my favorite subject, so I'm a bit of a nerd that way.  
I just bought a bag of them and found this jar I had purchased from Wal-Mart awhile back, and poured them in. 
You could really get creative with the jar, but I just liked the way it looked as is.
Well, that wraps up my Valentine ideas this year!
What kinds of things make your Valentine's extra special? Do you have any cherished memories as a child? I hope your Valentine's Day has been filled with extra special expressions of love. 


Furniture Refresh- {Spray Paint}

Hello friends! I'm glad you're joining me and my Furniture Refresh group for another challenge! We have decided to go with theme projects this year in the form of types of paint. So get ready to see what we come up with each month. ;)

Today we are sharing spray paint, which actually turned out to be perfect for me because when I went to the hardware store and asked for metallic paint, my regular paint guy (I should know his name by now!) actually suggested that spray metallic would be the best choice. He said it would go on more evenly. So I bought 3 cans of brushed nickel and prepped the whole area because... below freezing is  way too cold to use spray paint outside. 
                       Here's my lucky victim. The previous home owners left it behind. So we have enjoyed it's glorious presence for the last 11+ years. I actually didn't mind the green too much. After all...
It blended in with the carpet. *oh hello and GAG!

This area I was working in is pretty open, or I wouldn't have attempted spraying in the house. I also waited until everyone else was gone and the piece had plenty of time to dry before they returned. 
I know, this is where I flex my muscles and you stand there dumbfounded and impressed at my wisdom and skill. 

This is the best picture I have of prepping, cause apparently I must've forgotten to take a picture before I got to the final stages. Must have something to do with doing this projects in segments instead of all at once. You think?
*I apologize ahead for the poor quality pictures. I was doing the best I could with the very little lighting we have in the downstairs hallway.
Anyway, as you can see, I painted the cabinet black instead. 
Well, sort of. 
I first painted it the brushed nickel, but it didn't look good at all, so I changed the color to black Satin by Rust-o-leum. The best part of this project was that since the spray paint is oil based, I didn't even have to prime first. 

Then I stenciled an image I made using my Silhouette with an image from The Graphics Fairy. Love that website!

Next, I taped off the edges of the table and painted the insides with the ecru I used on the stencil. 

Then I set this flower filled lantern and bike on the top. 
And Voila! 
My somewhat masterpiece is finished.
for now...
There are a few touch ups I want to make that I couldn't see with the poor lighting in our hall.
My husband told me to go ahead and pick a new light fixture and he'll replace the old one. 
He also said it would be easy enough to put an outlet behind the cabinet. This will be so wonderful since we don't have one to use a lamp there right now. 
What great news!
So, what do you think? Would you distress the piece at all?
Would you have even published this post with all it's blurry tragedy?
Don't answer that. I really don't want to know!
Upon creating this post, I became really embarrassed about the quality of these photos. Like I said, the lighting is not only poor in the lower hallway, but it was also a very foggy and overcast day. I will be updating these photos as soon as I can get some better lighting. 
In the meantime, go visit my wonderful friends with their amazing projects! 

A Purdy Little House- Chair Stool
Redo it Yourself Inspirations- Antique Sewing Cabinet
Makin My Apt A Home- Side Table With Drawers
Shelstring- Hall Cabinet
Michelle James Designs- Two Tiered Side table 

It's The Little Things

Do you ever hold off buying something simple and practical just because you don't want the same boring thing as always and want to get it to match whatever it is you are getting it for? 
Such is the deal with this silly sink brush.
We needed one and I found myself at the dollar tree thinking, "I just don't want another cheap dollar tree scrub brush. Sorry!" 
*Yes I was thinking this, not talking I often do. I have some pretty complete conversations with myself. Much like the guy on Limitless...only he appears to have many of him while I am just me looking crazy all by myself. But in this case, I was just thinking, so you can be relieved, or proud, or continue to not care...whatever. 
Well, I just couldn't do it. Then a couple days later I was with a couple of my children at Wal-Mart for a quick trip and as we were walking swiftly to the checkout, I saw one of these brushes hanging on a strip at the end of an isle...
Perfect! I love that it's made of bamboo and is natural looking, not some crazy plastic color that doesn't match my kitchen. Cause I'm funny that way, and honestly, I can't help it. 
It matters, you know? And the funny thing is...I wasn't looking for it at the time, but it was there and it was perfect timing and I paid a couple dollars more than if I just bought one at the dollar tree. 
But I was giddy with joy as I was driving home with my all natural style bamboo sink brush. 
Then I thought, it's the little things. Right? It's the little things that we usually find joy in. Not big expensive, elaborate, hard to attain things. But the little things. Now this isn't really all about a scrub brush, is it. It's really about recognizing that I don't need big elaborate things to be happy or find joy, or appreciation in. But things like my dish towel says.  
The key words are Happy Kids. 
Because although I have my fingers in a lot of pots right, being back in school, helping at the children's school, church responsibilities and a shop space to stock regularly...
What's most important to me is those happy kids. Seeing their delight, having their arms around my neck, soothing them when they're scared, reading them stories, helping them with homework, teaching them valuable lessons like the principle of hard work, tucking them in at night. These things make me that little brush in my bag on the way home from the store. 
I love the little things. 

A Country Bench- {Project Challenge 2017 #1}

Hello friends and welcome to another year of Project Challenge! We have a few new members this year, so be sure to check out their projects at the end of this post. For those of you who are new to Project Challenge, let me explain. Each month we have a material that we do a project using. It is great fun and really challenges our creativity at times, thus the title Project Challenge. At the end of my project, you will find links to all the other projects, so be sure to hop around and see what everyone came up with.
           As you can see, there are so many wonderful ideas to get your creative juices flowing!
This month's challenge was reclaimed wood. This is one of my favorite items to use, because I have so much of it and love all the creative things that can be done with it. I actually started this project years ago with some boards we had stashed from who knows what in our garage. The boys took the boards out to the apple tree shortly after and got it a little warped and weathered. I rescued them, cleaned them up from the weather and kept them happily waiting in my garage. I think I started this

Furniture Refresh-{Magazine Table}

Hello lovely friends! I'm so impressed with myself that I'm joining you and my Furniture Refresh friends.
 I know, that sounds cocky, doesn't it. 
I just mean that things have been so incredibly busy with my new job, going to school, still doing all my regular duties as wife and mother, all while in the midst of the holidays, that I could cram a furniture challenge into my schedule is impressive to me. 
I've always wondered how mothers work outside the home because being a mother is such an overtime job itself. Now I know that it takes an amazing family with a great deal of love and support to make it work!

Now on to the refresh, right? Remember to check out all the amazing afters by visiting my friends at the end of this post, okay? They are so inspiring, you won't want to miss them!
Awhile back I repainted an adorable side table for our bedroom (you can see that refresh by clicking HERE). Though I still love it, it just isn't enough for our needs in the space. It sits next to a recliner chair that my husband uses at the end of each day. He reads magazines, rests/relaxes, puts his feet up, makes name it, he uses this chair every day. He has never said anything, but I could see that the small cute table just wasn't practical for all his needs. He's been needing something to hold his binders and magazines, a drawer for his reading glasses and notes, and a place to recharge our tablets and phones at the end of the day.