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Bathroom Tile Fix- {How-to}

Hello and welcome! Thanks for joining me as I work on checking off some items on my to-do list! 
I am very excited about sharing this long awaited project with you.
Well, actually, to be honest I'm just really happy to have it done.

I really don't remember when it happened, but my sweet girls were playing and had their hands under the tile on the edge of the counter one day, just rocking forward and back, and along came the tiles, one right after the other in their hands. I was standing right there and saw the whole thing, so the account isn't even hearsay. ;)
The poor girls were astonished and stopped immediately, but once one tile had come, the others just started coming too.
I just set them aside and decided to come back to them later. This is and the master bath renovation (which will come later) were the reasons I chose tile as one of the materials to use this year. 
Since this was the month, I decided it was time to fix a long awaiting project on the to-do list and got started. 
 Tile can be intimidating to some, but honestly, I started my first proect years ago in our last house when we finished our basement. I tiled the bathroom and my craft room floor after taking a class at Home Depot one Saturday. There, now you see that I'm a professional! ;)
First you mix up your mortar so that it's spreadable.
 This is was a bit too thick, so I took it off and remixed the batch with a little more water to make it more workable. It should be thick enough that you can spread it on smoothly and will stay when you adhere it to the surface. If it is slipping, you know it is too thin. 
 After spreading the mortar on, you score it with the edge of the notched tiling float tool. There are different sizes for the various needs of the project. I just used what I have on hand for our shower project, but this gives you the idea anyway.
 Next, I spread the whole surface with mortar. 
 Then I set the tiles using spacers. These n are 3/8" spacers. Pretty standard according to the grout size you want between tiles.
After a couple of hours or overnight dry time (according to package directions), you fill in the tiles with a matching grout. Luckily I had the right color on hand.
 Now I can check that off my ever long list of to-dos and move on. 
 It's funny how I put things off so long. They aren't really that hard either. The burden of having them hang over my head just doesn't seem worth it. I'm getting better about just doing what needs to be done as soon as it demands my attention, but I find myself pulled in so many directions that it isn't always possible. 
I hope this helps you tackle that tile project you've been putting off. It's so much simpler than it seems and is always so gratifying! 

Furniture Refresh-{Snow White Night Stand}

Life has been crazy busy around here, but I have managed to get a few things done,  squeezing in a sanding down here,  a coat of paint in there, a quick trip for hardware between jobs and running kids around. The payoff is worth it, but posting about them all is a trick.
I'm very thankful for my groups that keep me actively sharing.
So today I'm sharing another Furniture Refresh, stick around and check out all of my sweet friend's posts at the end.

My girls have been in need of a nightstand for quite some time. I finally realized I had the solution just waiting in the garage.
I had signed this piece off, really, because it was what I call a "craigslist find fail". I had contacted the seller about this adorable nightstand thinking it would make a darling piece to make over and sell in my shop space. But once I met her at the Ross Clothing parking lot in the middle of the pouring rain, I found it had a few dog chewed spots on it that basically rendered it un-sellable. Not wanting to fuss about it, I went ahead and paid her the $20 she was asking for. She said she'd go down to $15, but I didn't have change, so there you have it. I'm a wimp like that. ;)
*Piece of advice here- Don't ever take big bills like that. Always be prepared for negotiation, like at a yard sale!
Anyhow, the piece has great lines and is pure wood, so what the heck, huh?

I decided to match it with my girls room and paint it white like all the rest of their furniture.The one downside of this, is that no matter what, furniture painted white always seems to need a million coats on it, primed or not.
Okay, not a million...but at least 1 or two coats more than any other piece. It feels like a million...okay?! 
Anyhow, even though I don't have any "during" photos (apparently I was hasty since I was working on other things at the same time), I began by sanding the surfaces and then priming with an oil based primer. This is my favorite way to paint anything anymore, I've had a few projects go bad because the paint was originally oil based and I used water based primer. The best way to avoid that mistake is to just use an oil base primer to begin with. Then I painted this poor piece 3 times over with General Finishes' Snow White. And...

Project Challenge- {A Picture Frame turned Dainty}

It's sure been awhile since I've shared with my lovelies, hasn't it?!
It's been a busy and hectic few months. Now that I've started back up with online school, I am trying my best to balance life as I know it. I think I'm finally getting a grip on things, though  my cute husband has been out of town on business for a couple weeks now, and I feel like I'm constantly being sucked into a rip-tide. Do you ever feel that way?
It is really refreshing to pull out of the every day once in awhile and create something. This was the case today, so I'm joining my sweet Project Challenge friends this month and the theme is old frames.

I've had this old frame in the garage for quite some time now. It used to proudly display a beautiful portrait of Jesus in our Living Room, but falling from the wall one day, it broke in two and ended up in the fix-it pile out there.

Project Challenge- {Pallets}

Wow! Has it really been a whole month? So much for weekly blogging. 
I may not be posting much, but don't be fooled, that doesn't mean I'm not crazy busy. I'm getting ready to show you all my bedroom doors I've been refinishing since my last project challenge (you can see that one HERE), so don't forget to come back later! 
As you can see, there are some pretty amazing projects, so don't forget to check them out!
Soooo, to get on with the project, this month's theme (as you can see) is Pallets. 
I was really glad we had this theme because I've seriously had this pallet in our garage just waiting for me to do something with for a few years. 
Since it was broken, I didn't really want to use it, but then I decided that was part of the charm, so I drug it outside and sprayed it with a clear coat. 
I had attached a fence board to the bottom years ago when I was going to use it before. It just never quite got completed...I don't know why.
 I rummaged around my craft drawer and found the word "home" from a previous project, so I

Furniture Refresh- {Using Stain}

Hey friends!!What a crazy couple of weeks here, it was very refreshing to work on something just for fun. 
Welcome to this month's Furniture Refresh! 
The these this month is stain. 
I love to use stain on my projects for a variety of styles and today, I'm sharing one of them on these stools. 
I bought these stools on Craigslist.
To be honest, they were in perfect condition. Well stained, and sturdy as can be. I was really disappointed when they turned out way too tall for our counter. I have a couple ideas to make them work, but in the end, I think I'm going to end up selling them.
To make them special, I sanded off the finish on the top.
 Then I stained them using Kona. It is the darkest stain I've used. I picked it for this project because the tone is almost black.

Project Challenge- {Doors-Part 1}

'm excited to share with you for our monthly Project Challenge Today. The main reason being that the theme for this month is doors. I was was really looking forward to this project because many of the doors in our home have been in critical need of attention. 

A few years ago I got really enthusiastic about refinishing the doors and trims in our home. Little by little, I have been adding special touches and have tried to brighten things up. The wainscoting in our entry and hallways is original to the house and real nice quality. The color was pretty drab after awhile though, so I painted it a creamy white color. Though I did prime them first, I didn't use the

Furniture Refresh- {Chalkboard Paint}

Hello Everyone, just a quick project and welcome to another furniture refresh challenge!
This month it's just two of us. My awesome friend Michelle at Michelle James Designs is linking up with me. Our theme this month is chalkboard paint, and believe it or was a real challenge for me!
For the life of me, I didn't know what I was going to do. I have had so many furniture updates lately and some recent changes in our home, that my head just wasn't in the creative chalkboard way of thinking. 
Then I saw this table by our front door that the kids have been using to have bake sales and sell lemonade on. 
That's when the light bulb in my brain finally came on.